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Basic Concept

  • One called script per task (e.g. user, admin, api, …).
  • One model class per task (e.g. Spoll, SpollAdmin, …).

Single called script initiates class and executes methods according to workflow. Workflow is enforced by called script.


  • index.php
    • Fill poll as a user
    • Fill remote poll as a user
    • Uses: Spoll (lib/spoll.lib.php), SpollRemote (lib/spoll.remote.php)
  • admin.php
    • Display filled in answers
    • Display questions of polls
    • Generate remote URLs
    • Uses: SpollAdmin (lib/spoll.admin.php), SpollRemote (lib/spoll.remote.php)
  • remote.php
    • Transmit filled in polls from remote to local installations
    • Uses: SpollRemote (lib/spoll.remote.php)
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